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Estate planning documents are the most important documents you will ever sign in your life. Yet many people neglect to get even a basic will until it’s too late.

Consequently, their loved ones may face increased frustration, uncertainty, and cost in dealing with the estate. A properly made will can save your loved ones from this unnecessary frustration and cost.

Benefits of Creating a Proper Estate Plan

We buy insurance for our cars, our homes, our health, and our life; a proper estate plan is an insurance to protect the assets meant to go to our loved ones after our deaths.

One size fits all will kits often create ambiguity and may result in your heirs having to apply to the court for guidance resulting in huge costs. They will likely not have access to any of the assets until the issues are resolved by the Court.

Even those with modest estates can benefit as a will grants increased control over the distribution of your assets and reduces the legal costs of distribution. This means that more of your money and assets will stay with your loved ones.


A will enables you to choose someone you know and trust to manage the distribution of your assets. It ensures that the right gift goes to the right person. A properly made will also provide for guardianship of any children. It allows for the maximum flexibility at the lowest cost for distribution of your estate.

We advise against inexpensive DIY wills as there can be future consequences that can be financially damaging if not drafted carefully. 

Power of Attorney

In addition to a will, an estate plan should include at least a power of attorney and guardianship agreement. A power of attorney can protect you in the case of injury or illness by allowing your designated attorney to manage your finances and make decisions on your behalf.

This is helpful if you are in the hospital and need to transfer money or sign legal documents. The guardianship agreement allows your trusted representative to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to communicate your wishes in case of incapacity.

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Protecting Your Family's Future

We advise clients on all aspects of estate planning matters including:

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