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Incorporating Your BC Company

Are you planning to set up a new company?

For the past decade, the incorporation lawyers at Patrola Law have formed hundreds of successful incorporations for new startups, growing entrepreneurs and small businesses across BC.

That means providing you with practical, real-world experience to ensure that your company is legally set up right the first time to maximize incorporation benefits and strategically position your business for long term growth.

Benefits of Incorporating

  • The protection of personal assets from the claims of creditors or lawsuits
  • Enable owners of business to transfer their ownership in a company more easily to others
  • Lower corporate tax rates because corporations are taxed separately from their owners.

What Does the Incorporation Process Entail?

Step 1: Choosing a Corporate Name

Step 2: Preparing the documents

Step 3: Filing the Incorporation Application

Why Incorporating Without a Lawyer is a BAD Idea

First off, yes there are resources available online where you can learn to incorporate yourself. We understand that startups need to save money, but the last thing you need to be frugal with is setting up your business structure.

There's a common misconception that incorporation is a one-time transaction. You set it and forget it. It's definitely not.

If your incorporation isn't properly executed from the beginning, mistakes that happen down the road can come back to hurt your business. 

Lawyers are able to assist you with multiple legal facets of your business during and after incorporation:

1. Create and maintain corporate organizational documents required by the Business Corporations Act

2. Drafting, negotiation, and advising on important contracts and agreements

3. Advise and resolve any legal issues that may arise in the future

When you hire an incorporation lawyer, you get the peace of mind knowing that your company stands on a solid legal foundation as your business grows.

Incorporating Your BC Company with Patrola Law

How Much Does it Cost to Incorporate in BC?

Patrola Law provides end-to-end incorporation services, documentation, and support that ensures our client's businesses are set up for long-term success.

Patrola Law charges an all-inclusive flat fee of $1,200 CAD (+$40 for named company) and includes the following:

  • Free business consultations with lawyer by phone, email and in-office appointments
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Incorporation Agreement
  • BC Government Filing Fee
  • BC Government Fee for reserving the name of the corporation
  • Directors and Shareholders Organizational Resolutions issuing shares, electing directors, appointing officers, etc.
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Incorporation Application and Notice of Articles certified by the BC Government
  • Comprehensive Corporate Minute Book with Registers
  • Share Certificates
  • Monitoring and reporting of the incorporation process

What Our Incorporation Clients Are Saying


Patrola Law Corporation is great business law firm who were very efficient in supporting me with BC corporation for a new renovation company. The business lawyer was professional and took time to connect with me firstly through telephone conversation and then met with me to ensure that was clear in regards to procedures for incorporation. The process went through smoothly I had to do nothing but await all of my business papers.  Fees were comparative to most BC law firms here in Surrey.


Sue & Tony Rose

Great experience working with Perpinder regarding our trademarks and incorporation. Very prompt, very professional, and highly recommended.

Judah Douglas


Had the pleasure of working with Perpinder at Patrola Law, he was very open and willing to answer any questions my partners and I had about BC incorporation. His firm and him are amazingly easy to work with. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a business lawyer.


Karn Sandhu

Suprina at Patrola Law has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me with incorporating my business and went further to provide excellent advice. I was very impressed and look forward to continue working with her. I highly recommend the Patrola Law team; their services are excellent and prices are competitive.


Gavneet S.

Contacted Perpinder for BC incorporation as first time business owner and was tremenduous help. He was ready to asnwer any and all questions. Cannot recommend him enough as a business lawyer.


Nikhil Nair

I took legal help from Patrola Law Firm for incorporation of our StartUp. Suprina was very helpful, professional and responsive to the questions I had. She completed the entire process efficiently, and I would definitely recommend their help for incorporating your company and any other work such as Trademark.



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