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Patrola Law has been chosen as a top business law firm for four consecutive years (2019-2022) by Three Best Rated and trusted by clients with a 4.8 star rating on Google.

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations, digital assets, smart contracts, and other distributed ledger technologies are transforming the way we conduct business around the globe.

These disruptive technologies are enabling innovation across many well-established industries and sectors - financial services, logistics, energy, security, healthcare, real estate, and others. 

Patrola Law is at the forefront of this emerging new economy.

Our Approach

In order to navigate this rapidly evolving ecosystem, businesses need access to comprehensive legal support that can assist in achieving compliance and mitigate risks from future regulatory decisions.

Patrola Law’s blockchain technology and digital currency legal team consists of lawyers with diverse legal backgrounds who collectively understand the vast legal, regulatory, and business implications of blockchain and virtual currencies.

Combined with extensive experience and expertise in practice areas such as securities, corporate formation, intellectual property and others, our dynamic team is uniquely positioned to advise clients on all legal issues related to the blockchain landscape.

Patrola Law helps clients understand, leverage, and integrate these new technologies to advance their business goals and thrive in the marketplace.

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Our firm provides legal counsel on an array of business matters, including:

  • Corporate governance and securities issuance
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Corporate tax advice
  • Multigenerational estate planning and wealth management
  • Cost-effective energy solutions for miners
  • Government relations and public policy matters


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Our Capabilities

Patrola Law provides sophisticated legal counsel to teams developing new cryptocurrencies and other digital asset investment platforms, token-economy systems and token sales.

We assist clients in launching initial coin offerings (ICO’s) that are compliant with securities laws in Canada and multiple jurisdictions.

Our team also manages trademark and other intellectual property protection issues with respect to branded digital assets such as logos, product and service names, slogans, taglines, and sound marks. 

We guide clients through the compliance, regulatory, transactional, corporate governance and policy aspects of blockchain technology.

Patrola Law helps with:

  • Jurisdiction analysis of ICO’s and securities tokens
  • Corporate formation and structuring
  • Blockchain-specific contracts and agreements
  • Fund liquidation and distribution
  • Escrow services for cryptocurrencies
  • Litigation matters
  • Trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property protection of blockchain technologies
  • Consumer privacy and protection (KYC and AML framework)
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of blockchain-related companies
  • Canada Money Service Business (MSB) Licences

"My passion is helping your business reach new heights."

Perpinder helps clients successfully launch, finance and develop their blockchain projects - while staying legally compliant.

He can assist you with token & jurisdiction analysis, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering requirements, corporate finance, and more.

Let's discuss your project today.

Who We Work With

We have extensive experience advising entrepreneurs and investors who are developing and shaping this technology, and established institutions who are exploring its potential impact on their businesses and operations.

  • ICO Startups and development teams
  • Investors
  • Consultancy firms
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Technology companies

Collaborate With Us

Patrola Law is devoted to helping you overcome your latest business challenges and leverage new opportunities in blockchain technology.

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